Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Who am I?

Tonight, the wind blows slowly, slowly but sure. I light my cigarette once again to allay the cold and my drowsiness. It's cold, I tight my jacket. I can't count how many cigarettes i burned while waiting this damn bus. My watch shows that it is midnight and my eyes get browned off seeing the fly over. It's has been almost 2 hours waiting, totally wretch, none of that damn bus stopped to lift me in. The worst is, no one here but me. It makes me a little bit prickling. Honestly, I'm afraid of strayed bad guys and tonight is known as hallowed night by the Javanese since tomorrow is Friday of kliwon, means it's kliwon Friday eve, based on Javanese calendar.

From the west I see 2 men on a motorcycle run slowing down. I think the fare wants to wait a bus too, He is a young man with a long hair wears a university coat of arm. I can tell that he studies in one of the university around north ring road. He gets off the motorcycle and put his helmet off, '' Be careful brother '' said the fare to the rider as the rider turn way back while waving his hand. What a coincidence, I get a companion! At least if only bad guys came to deprive us, we can run away opposite direction to confuse him which one of us will be catch first. 

It's not funny, so no laugh please! It just not my type to make a storm in a tea cup, especially with that shallow minded bad guys who never think about their future. Actually, I'm a little bit trauma since the time I had a quarrel with some bad guys around here, they pointed a knife on me inelegantly. The problem is whoever of us got stabbed and injured, we would deal with the police, no doubt. They would be okay to be jailed, in their mind only free food 3 times a day. But I?! My father could be very angry consequently I would get a licking. 

'' excuse me, do you want to get a bus to go home? where do you live? '' I try to be hospitable and ask him first, but damn! This man is very vain, every time I approached him and ask some question, he Pretend like hearing nothing and none of my question get answered. He seems like very busy look toward the fly over. This time I get a proof that my grandfather maybe right, that Javanese people lose their Javanese symbol, they grow with no etiquette.

Fortunately, there is a bus come, SUSAH LINDIK, the legendary bus from Donggala to Surabaya, and this time the bus stop for us. The long haired young man lift in first, when I just lift my first foot the driver directly run the bus, what a bad manner! Maybe it's a bus driver habit, since the departure schedule between bus and another is very close. Sometimes it's only 5 minutes diverse, consequently each bus can't stop for a quite long time to lift the passengers in. 

It's unusual that the bus passengers are already full when the bus just arrive in Janti. There are still some 3 seated bench sat by only 2 people, but none of them offer me to have a sit next to them. Literally, there is no reaction at all for my hospitality. The more I try to make civilized communication to them, the more I get disregard reaction, damn! Maybe they used to live individually. There is no hospitality anymore which once become the characteristic of people around here.

Thanks God there are still 3 chairs empty at the back row, no need to take any permission. Lucky for me, I can sit comfortably and lift my foot to the chair, maybe by smoking some cigarettes to get rid off my boredom later. I don't care the smoke will disturb all these people in the bus, what the hell of them. They don't even answer my greeting, it should be no protest to be disturbed! Now closing my eyes is the most important, have a little sleep is the best compensation for 2 hours standing waited for the bus.

The bus run till Kalasan now, usually the driver assistant will ask the bus fee to the passengers. I'm so wonder since there is no body tap my shoulder to ask for the fee which I have prepared! Whatever, lucky me if I don't need to pay for the bus.  wait a minute! The silent when get in a night bus is usual, but right now it's too silent. Maybe there 1 or 2 little cripple heard and why do all these people have straight expression.  Actually no expression shows in their face, even the people next to me like never feels my present. I'm a little bit prickled, since my sister once told me not to wait a bus from Janti at night, it's would be better if I catch a bus from the bus station, because people said that there is a ghost bus likes to pick a passenger from Janti.

The ghost bus! Yeah, ghost bus, there once a story about a bus get in a serious accident and all the passengers death. If we lift the bus, all the passengers are pale and ignore our present. It's said that if we lift the bus, it will take us from Donggala to Surabaya for not more than 3 hours. But if we are unlucky, we wont be taken to Surabaya but to another world, their world! The worst is that the bus name is 'SUSAH LINDIK' which known as the rattling run bus. ''where will you get off sir?'' I try to ask the man next to me and scare off my curiosity about the ghost bus. He doesn't answer me, actually he has the same reaction as the others in the bus, no expression. I try to tap his shoulder so he can response my question. Damn! My hand pass over his shoulder! He isn't real, he isn't human!''Sir! Stop the bus! I will off here!'' I shout of the driver panicky! But they still straight no expression. Damn! Maybe they will take me to the other world, supernatural world as people told! I start prickling, I feel freeze. But being panic right now is useless, I try to spell and remind all the prayers my Grandfather once teach me. But damn! I forget all.

Almost in unconsciously I light my cigarette and smoke it deep, very deep to make myself a little bit relax. ''Sir, why it smells like incense in the bus?''. The passenger next to me pinch his nose and stare straight away transparently toward me, like i don't exist, then ask the driver assistant who stand near the back door. ''It's okay sir, don't think about it, sometimes the incense smell in the bus. Once told that there was a man death in Janti, a bad guy stabbed him till death after a quarrel. The spirit like to lift the bus every kliwon Friday eve like today, what a pity! Maybe the spirit doesn't rest in peace.'' I'm completely dumbfounded and the bus keep run on the silent road.

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