Kamis, 20 Juni 2013


Actually this is not a trip or vacation, this is a motorcycle touring because I went to the bali with my motorcycle club. 2008, first time I join motorcycle club and this is the first touring for me. I’m in 2nd grade of high school when I do it. We leave from purwokerto about 4 o’clock with estimation 7 days trip. (with calculation about strike and unexpected accident)

About 10 people with 6 bike. There’s no problem until surabaya, just a strike and some accidents. But when we arrive at Surabaya my friends had a crash with mini bus and should be back to purwokerto because his bike severely damaged.

We arrive late about a days in bali, because we had bike strike so much. But jamboree still going on so we can enjoy the event. Event go on 3 days, we just enjoy the 2 days event. After the event we decided to go to the beach and sleep in the near of beach.

The beginning of disaster start in the morning, we woke up at 6 and prepare to go back home. After have a breakfast we check out from lodging, I tandem with my friend deep in conversation during the trip and unconscious that we separate with our group.  Maybe you’ll think “why you don’t make a text message or calling your friends?” yeah we didn’t have a phone cell. We try to ask somebody how to go to harbour. We’re confused!

We try to find city map, after we found it and try to get the direction by myself. But we’re lucky because we meet the bali’s biker. He come to us and ask what just happened. After we talk to him about our problem, he escort us to harbor and we trip to java. Finally we back home.

That’s a little bit experience when I trip to Bali without care. So be focus when you trip with a group and try to always together with your friends.

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