Senin, 01 April 2013


a jet black sky, when the hope faded

sun is too soon to betray
Pen is too fast burned
The biggest possibility is enlarge the possibility in the impossibility room
And everyone can’t find the possibility corner to say “IMPOSSIBLE

Before the pen rusted, refused  to refill
Before my lung crowded with tragedy
try to Breathe, inflamed in shallow

don’t let me die too early
don’t let me fall asleep when I guard my vein
my lungs crowded assemble impossibility
till everyone that I face can’t find the possibility to say “IMPOSSIBLE”

this is a reflection of patience and greedy
a row of tombstones, thousand dreams
Designing subconscious controls
centered in the soul storm

TUESDAY, APRIL 02, 2013 3.58 AM 
Hello mate, this is my poem. hmmm actually I don't know what is this but I assume that I just wrote a poem hahaha.
I don't have any idea when I start this poem, but that's words blow up when the night comes. 
this is an inscription from my own experience, an experience about something, someone, somewhere.

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