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who am I?

who am I?
who? you know me? so? who am I?
my name is Yanu akmal, you can call me everything it's up to you hehe.
I was born 21 years ago, in 1991 exactly. My family live is just an ordinary family. my father is teacher, mother is a housewife, 3 sisters and one brothers. I'm fourth from 5 family. I live in the suburb of Purwokerto, in the small village, small house, and everything's small. I'm familiar with a motorcycle since I'm study in elementary school.  because my father and brother like it very much. so I'm be affected by them, and I like motorcycle particularly old bike

when I was 4.5 years old I'm go in kindergarten and when I was 5.5 years old I'm going to elementary school. maybe that's the reason why I loved to interact and socialize with older people until now, whatever. ngoahaha. My elementary school is a school with a religion background, Al irsyad. 6 year I'm study in there, and 6 year too I'm be burlesque. After I passed my elementary school, I'm going to junior high school. I'm study in SMP 9 purwokerto, a school that famous with "MEWAH" a.k.a "MEpet saWAH" ngoahaha, this is the beginning of my alteration from a nerd boy to be a bad boy. I'm fighting, smoking, and everything that something bad for a junior high school. In 2006 I was graduated from junior high school, I'm confused. I have a bad mark and bad point. regret? NO WAY! because I don't want to study in a favourite school. I try to register in 4 school and the result. I'm rejected. so my father carry me to the high school with a religion background. MAN PURWOKERTO 1. Maybe my father want me to be a good boy, but I'm still same. 3 years I'm study in there, 3 years I have a dozen case. fighting, smoking, sneak off, wear a bad uniform, and so many trouble I made in my school, but I prove to my teacher and my parents that I'm not stupid. In 2009 I'm graduated and before I graduated I was accepted in Fisheries and marine UNSOED.

I'm study in fisheries and marine for 2 years. and I decided to out form there because a crazy practicum and report. In 2011 I register to UNSOED again and accepted in English Diploma Program UNSOED, but I have a challenge in here, because I decided to out from fisheries and marine so my father just want to paid the entry fee and I should paid the semester  by myself. I'm okay with that, nevermind and no problem. because that my decision.

now, I'm working at internet cafe and do a small online business.
life is a choice, at least don't let doubt attack your mind. responsibility is important. you can run but you can't hide.
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