Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

whatever hahaha

hello mate,
I'll introduce my self hehe
alright, my name is Yanu akmal. you can call me yanu, unay, un or whatever, I can admit that.
I was born in Purwokerto and still live in Purwokerto until now.
I do some jobs like photo shoot, design graphic, motorcycle and car modification, sometimes I make some merchandise for event too.
you can see my ads in the right side :D

talking about my blog, why I made this blog, why?
because this is the creative writing assignment hehe and to share my article too.
just a beginner in writing but I'll try to do the best and give you the best article.
maybe that's enough for my introduction and why I made this blog.
just subscribe to my blog, and I'll do the best to give you the best article.

oops, don't forget to see my web too http://whatevershare.weebly.com/ 

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